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One day it will please us to remember even this

i am not delightable saucy.

the lazy sunbather
4 December
i am not a boy, i am not a junkie, i don't sell records, i don't give a fuck about nirvana, i don't hate courtney love, i didn't give birth to a child, i am not a very good friend, i don't listen to chart-pop-shit, i don't like pink , i don't like most of the people, i never get the one i want, i have never been in love, i don't care about neat handwriting, i don't believe in god, i am not an ordinary person, i am not nothing, i can't draw well, i don't suffer fools gladly, i am not liberal when it comes to music...you still wanna add me? how kind of you!

this is just too intriguing...
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